booksMarch 25, 2019

The Pressure of A Second.

While that title could aptly be related to a second child (which is still a looming pressure for sure), this post is in reference to my second book. Which at times feels like birthing a child too! As I felt while pregnant with Henry, I was terrified of writing my first book- I had NO idea how the process would go and if everything would end up okay. I assumed the worst (typical me) and fretted endlessly about if I was doing it right.  And then it did end up MORE than okay on both fronts. I was beyond blessed with a gorgeous, magical child AND a New York Times bestseller.

So when it came to writing this new book, I was less scared of the process(as I am sure I would be should I be pregnant with another child)- I knew how it worked, what I had to do to get to the finish line, and recognized that if I had to push a deadline or an issue came up, that I would not be strung up and shot and the sky would not fall (apparently I was an anomaly in the publishing world when I turned in my first manuscript three days early).  And boy did I test that, this time turning in my manuscript nearly two YEARS late. :)  Granted, while I knew how to write a book- I did NOT know how to write a book while also having a small child and much busier design business. That was a bit of a learning curve! So while this book’s gestation was a bit longer, the process itself was more confident and less frantic.

But I finally did it- and when I did- the book was over 500 pages long. MUCH longer than what I was paid to write but also then I was allowed to publish in order to keep the book the same size and length (and price) as the first- which was apparently important. So I had a new hurdle to content with– cutting 150+ pages from a book I loved.  Which at first felt like having to choose which limb to amputate, but eventually became a little less painful and we ended up succeeding and creating a very full, interesting book. Yes, I wish some of the images were bigger and there are some that I had to cut I wish I didn’t have to– but I’ll be able to show a bunch of them on the blog now so there is extra content coming your way on this platform because of that.

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FashionMarch 22, 2019

Fashion Friday: Nine Spring Outfits That Won’t Break the Bank

I have been shopping for outfits for my upcoming book tour and have been struggling. Even though I am willing to spend a decent chunk of change on some looks, the things I actually have been happiest with are the more affordable pieces! So as a diversion from my unsuccessful own shopping attempts, I partnered with Nordstrom today to bring you nine outfits that are stylish and on trend but also really easy to wear. A lot fo these items I sourced from their “Trend” department, which is really aimed at the younger ladies (I sound like a grandma) but have great options for those of us more in the true adult stage of life. :)

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InteriorsMarch 20, 2019

Kitchen Renovation Reveal

One of our longtime clients (whose previous house is featured in the new book- including her super-custom kitchen we helped design) made a surprise move to a new town last year and called us up to help her turn the dated kitchen into something special.  She loved the kitchen in her old home, and was sad to leave it, so we had a lot to live up to with this new one!  And I think we did!  We worked with Haven Builders and Kramers Kitchens on the cabinetry and the results are, as you can see, pretty spectacular.

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InteriorsMarch 18, 2019

Get The Look: A Gorgeous Dining Room by Chenault James

I saw this space the other day by and absolutely LOVED it.  This paper by Quadrille is an all-time favorite of mine (we just did drapes in a grey version in a dining room that are SO beautiful) and I adore it with the bold orange drapes and light blue Louis chairs.  Just a wonderful space all together.


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FashionMarch 15, 2019

Fashion Friday: Dressing By the Book

I’m trying to shop for my upcoming book tour and have been trying to keep things in a palette similar to the cover- blues in florals, stripes and checks. So I thought I’d round up some book cover inspired clothing:

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UncategorizedMarch 13, 2019

Organzing Our Mudroom with Home Depot

As you all have seen from my features on the blog here, when we did our addition a couple years ago we were able to add a very small, but very important mudroom to our home.  This long narrow space offers us a large coat closet with sliding doors and a pantry (and small laundry room).  adding this space to our home made the BIGGEST difference in how we function as a family, especially now that we have Henry. However, given the tight quarters and limited storage space, it can get disorganized and messy VERY quickly.  I also will be the first one to admit that I am NOT the most naturally organized person.  So I was happy when The Home Depot asked me to partner with them to help get my little space organized in a cute way. I haven’t gone totally Marie Kondo yet, although I am thinking we need to, but this was an easy, quick and relatively affordable way to utilize the space we have better and make it a little cuter too!

This closet is a place where mittens and hats go to die– we were constantly losing things in the dark recess and not maximizing the storage space effectively.  So I got these amazing lightweight bins for everyone in the family that fit perfectly on the top shelf and used a paint pen to label one for each member of the family (okay fine, I admit it, I got TWO bins for my insane scarf collection I seem to have amassed).

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InteriorsMarch 11, 2019

Island Time.

The “island” pun seemed like a good way to re-introduce myself after my long weekend away in the Bahamas (side note: The Ocean Club was AMAZING, a great escape a mere 3 hour flight from Boston).  I have been noticing in my Pinterest/ Insta/ magazine perusing that freestanding, leggy islands, or even…
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FashionMarch 8, 2019

Fashion Friday: Dispatch From Paradise

It’s been a tough week and so this little getaway Andrew and I had planned for ourselves came at a perfect time. So I am going to go try to enjoy every minute of our stay here at .  But I couldn’t leave y’all hanging on a Fashion Friday!

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