Felix Doolittle Holiday Card Giveaway!

With all the stuff to do this holiday season I thought it might be nice to handle the whole holiday card thing for two lucky readers!  , longtime sponsor and one of my favorite stationery shops here in Boston, is giving away to two lucky readers, 6 boxes of holiday cards and 2 sets of personalized return labels)!  Cross that off your list!

They just introduced , but are great too! So many to choose from!

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Gift Guides 2017: For Kids, Tweens & Teens and Pets

Hi Guys- sorry for the late post- these gift guides take FOREVAH.

Happy to bring you my picks for kids, tweens and teens and pets!  I included some great faves that give back (like which not only look insanely cool, but for each bag purchased give a backpack full of school supplies to an American child in need) as well as lots of things that will light up those eyes (or pull them away from their phones at least!)  As always, click the bold numbers at bottom for links and HAPPY SHOPPING!

(P.S. Don’t forget to check out For Him and For Her if you haven’t already!)  Coming up are for Home & Hostess as well as Under $75/ Stocking Stuffers, as well as our own personal lists from all of us at !

  (every doll purchased provides )// // 3. (& )// // //  (we have this and love it!)// // (Henry’s fave perch) // // 10. ( & ) // //  (a little Joanna Gaines for your little!)// ////   GENIUS (or the)// // // (she’ll feel like a real ballerina!) // // // (shh, don’t tell Henry he’s getting this!)

This age group seems to like these onesie snugglers) // 2. (and)//// / // // (tell him Luke Wilson owns this brand and the color is “Ron Burgundy” and he’ll love it) // // // // // //  (or) // // // //  (something to get them away from screens!) // (anything Fenty by Rhianna will be a hit) //

//  //  (i want Baxter to wear cardigans!)//  (socks made with their pets face on them!)// // //// // //  (you gotta REALLY love your dog) // // // //  //

Gift Guides 2017: For Him

Sorry for the delay on posting this week- I got hit with a nasty case of strep and am seriously down for the count. Typing to you from my bed (which I will soon be asleep in). But here is my first gift guide of the season- for him. I tried to categorize it a bit this year by interests/styles, so I hope you find that helpful! Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and I’ll be back on Friday with another guide!

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When Life Gets Crazy

(Just a  random stunning kitchen I’m loving from )

Hey Guys- My weekend was an absolute sh*tshow of a very sick toddler + husband away and I have a big, full day of meetings so my post will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry! Gift guides begin tomorrow though, so get excited.  My categories this year are For Her, For Him, For Kids + Pets, For Home and Under $100/ Stocking Stuffers.  If you have any specific requests please comment, I’d love to hear what you guys are looking for, what kind of budget ranges appeal to you and anything else you look for when doing your holiday shopping! Can you believe its that time already????