AccessoriesJune 8, 2016

Sponsor Welcome: Summer Style with Dear Keaton

I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed putting together a sponsor welcome as much as I did this one. is new online shop for home and fashion and it is so perfectly curated that I want just about one of everything. Truly. I spent SO much time doing this post because I could not help myself- it was so fun.

Here’s a beach ready look featuring a bunch of their spot-on selections- I need all of this to happen for me:


////   a round beach towel-cool! // // // 6. classic black bikini as a base for this look // // // 9. This cute cruiser is only $199- pair it with #8 // // it’s rosé season, y’all! //

And because I couldn’t stop there (and the home selection is so good) here is a round up of some of their best summery finds for the home!


// // // // 5. tassel pillow- – // // // // Amazing pendants for a kitchen // //// 12. Sherwin Williams Naval // 13. My friend and photographer Sarah Winchester launched last week! So great! //

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