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I am such a sucker for monogrammed things. I love finding amazing sourced for home accessories and children’s gear with unique, beautiful monograms. Nothing feels more personal than having bedding or napkins with your own monogram on them.  While surfing Instagram I came across what may be the mecca for pretty monogrammed goods- in Dallas (the grouping of monograms above is from ).  Look at how adorable the shop itself is!


It says they are launching an e-commerce site this spring, which I can’t wait for!


I love all the totally unique monogram styles they feature (and on a variety of goods like these John Robshaw napkins.

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LOOOOOOVE the gingham with coral monogram!

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These linen coasters would make the most perfect hostess or housewarming gift!

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Incredible baby blankets too.

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The holy grail of monogrammed linens is the famous in New Orleans.  We’ve created bedding with them before and it is the most luxurious stuff out there- it’s an investment, but one that truly makes your room feel special.


So fancy.


A set of hemstitched napkins would be an incredible wedding gift (and something you would have for life).


They also do bold, modern styles of applique monograms.



Classic, feminine looks are their specialty.


Another fantastic resource for monogrammed linens is Gorgeous stuff!!!


Fabulous cocktail napkins.


Bedding too, of course.


has done a collection with them.


I just LOVE this style bedding.  You could splurge on two shams like this for your bed and pair it with a simple, affordable white duvet or quilt if you don’t want to/ can’t do the whole bed!


They make the most GORGEOUS baby bedding too- I would kill for for Mr. Henry!  I know you aren’t supposed to use bumpers but MAN that one is pretty!


More yumminess.


I always try to use nice monogrammed towels in bathrooms we design.  These are super special.


If you want to add a fancy, unique monogram to more basic bedding, say my favorite set from Pottery Barn, you could local company who will work with you on bespoke monograms on just about anything- clothes, fabric for upholstery…you name it!

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also makes incredible monogrammed good at reasonable prices- especially love her notecards and gift tags (fabulous to have have on hand to tie around a bottle of wine or batch of cookies in a pinch!)

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My brother is getting married at a gorgeous southern resort in May and so I had to go ahead and get Henry a couple monogrammed seersucker specialties from   Given that his daddy is southern we have to embrace this style while we can- until he only wants to wear Under Armour and Star Wars shit.

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Do you have a special source for monogrammed items?







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