InspirationJanuary 20, 2016

New Trad Designers 2016

So, this feels strange to ask but I’m hoping you guys will vote for me to be one of this years .  I feel kind of silly entering myself, but in this world of never-ending online media, there is still something very desirable and rewarding about being in print.  And I LOVE Traditional Home- in a time when I’ve stopped getting a few shelter magazines I used to love- I started getting this one (and Veranda, another fave!)

So please .

A few portfolio images I picked as examples of my “new traditional” work!

Erin Gates Bronxville_132 copy

portfolio13 copy

_K8B3087 copy

portfolio7 copy

_K8B6903 copy

Photo credits top to bottom: 1.) Michael Partenio 2-5.) Michael J. Lee

Speaking of magazines, have many of you gotten the to read all your magazines online? I don’t have an iPad and it seems that is the best way to use this app but I am intrigued (and will be stealing Andrew’s iPad to give it a go).  Seems like it could be a real disruptor in the magazine marketplace.  Do you think print magazines will every become a thing of the past? I hope not but it seems like it may be inevitable!

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