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Giving: The Best Gift

I like to support charities close to my heart and wanted to share some with you for your consideration this holiday season since supporting others and giving back feels SO good.  Also, for the impossible to shop for, making a donation in their name is a wonderfully thoughtful gift.

As you know, animal charities are very important to me.  If I could save all the puppies in the world, I would.  If Andrew would let me, I’d rescue ten dogs (includingwho I am PRAYING will find a forever home soon!)  But it’s not just dogs- it’s cats, bunnies, horses, elephants… you name it.  Locally, I’m a big fan of the – they do amazing work and I financially donate and have made a resolution to find ways to get MORE involved this year.  You can donate or look at the animals up for adoption .  Rescue puppies are the BEST puppies, after all.  Oliver is a rescue from a puppy mill and he’s the best dog in the world (Baxter was from a breeder and is nuts- I love him to pieces, but he’s cray-cray.)


Another animal charity I love isin Utah- they run an amazing sanctuary for homeless animals and spearhead a fantastic “no kill” initiative. You can donate and search adoptable animals .


I met a wonderful couple this year who run an INCREDIBLE charity in Kenya called which is a home, primary school and scholarship program for orphaned children with nowhere else to turn.  The work they do is really awe inspiring. You can provide support  through (starting as low as $12 a month), via (which until the end of the month ), their or through (have a goal to summit Kilamanjaro in 2015?? Here ya go!)  I hope Andrew & I can someday do their Safari & Service trip!

On a somewhat related note (this company is affiliated with Flying Kites too), if you want to gift something beautiful that also gives back a Two Penny Blue blazer fits both needs!  For each blazer purchased a uniform is donated to a girl in Africa so they can attend Daraja Academy.  I’ve worked with this company since it’s inception and really believe in the mission.


My favorite is the Parker blazer, I wore it on tour and it’s the perfect dress up/ dress down staple. And an awesome gift.

Another charity that I’ve become involved in thanks to a client (actually Andrew is now on their board and LOVES it) is .  There are locations in Boston, San Francisco and DC and they use entrepreneurship to excite and propel disengaged, low-income students through high school to college success.  It’s a wonderful new angle, to teach under-served kids entrepreneurial skills, which gives them tools to grow and create their own careers! These kids have to dream up a product, create a business plan, pitch the idea to get funding and then operate the business. It’s really fantastic.  You can donate or go here to learn how to . (P.S. The company providing the shop-to-donate platform is )


I hope this may inspire you to give back this season or gift someone you love a donation in their name!




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