InspirationJune 25, 2014

Farm Dreams.

When I was younger, all I wanted was an apartment in the city. Then I grew up a little and decided I wanted a yard, and all that suburban life offers. Now, I have moments when even THIS feels too congested and busy and I declare that I want a freakin’ FARM.  Granted, this desire might stem from my addiction to baby goat videos on the internet, obsession with owning a mini-horse and general dislike of people- but it also comes from a deeper place that craves solitude, quiet and peace.  You know how your blood pressure just drops when you are in the middle of beautiful countryside or by the ocean? Well, this house will slay you then- because it’s BOTH.  Welcome to on Martha’s Vineyard, as seen in this month’s .  This couple left behind the city rat race and built the most amazing modern, minimalist farmhouse on the gorgeous islands of Martha’s Vineyard I’ve ever seen.  Dreamed up by the incredible , this place is just a bit of heaven to me.


{Get ready for some rustic wood beam porn}






I’d like to be looking out the window at this pasture while I’m cooking*.

* And by this I mean me drinking wine sitting in that window seat watching Andrew cook, because as of late he does all the cooking.


The combination of the light green-grey built ins with the pale wood AND reclaimed beams is so good.


Stop it right now with all that stone and reclaimed lumber!





All the outbuildings are amazing too, and is this not the tidiest farm you’ve ever seen?


I’ll just live in the barn, thanks.


I wonder if they styled those chickens to be in perfect color-balanced order?




Did I mention this is a working farm? And of course their packaging is per-fec-tion.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 7.50.36 PM

I don’t even know what Prufrock is (methinks I would not like it, it sounds stinky) but I want it in my fridge because of that packaging.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 7.50.49 PM

Love this look? A few ways for us mortals to get it:

– Remember to stick to a neutral palette (white, cream, beige, grey)

– Use natural materials like linen, wool, cotton, leather, jute, wood and metals. A little tiny bit of lucite thrown in (note the corner of their desk chair) never hurt anyone though.

– Mix a base of clean-lined traditional furniture with a few pieces of mid-century or modern ones.


SOFA // // COFFEE TABLE // // // RUG // PILLOW // LADDER BACK CHAIR // CHEST // // // //

* As a side note, I recently discovered that the New England classic has a whole new line of gorgeous lamps, pottery and entertaining pieces with a more modern flair. You best be checking it out.

Images courtesy of Architectural Digest and Eric Roth Photography.




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