Design TipsJune 5, 2014

Inspired By: The Marlton Hotel

One of the hottest new hotels in Manhattan right now has to be  I love the style of the hotel which proudly announced that it’s rooms are small but their ideas are big. The blend of modern and traditional is totally my personal style, and I think a lot of inspiration can be gleaned from these spaces.

Small IS the new big after all! :)




This is reinforcing my choice to do brass in my new bathroom- I was up in the middle of the night questioning my decision but now, not so much.



I love that the hallways have these runners!


What a beautiful place to dine!



Here’s how to get the look of the rooms at the Marlton yourself:


1.  A found on eBay.

2. Gilt and mirror

3. Modern mirrored side tables.

4.  A found on eBay (I LOVE too!) This one would need some gilt paint but the fabric is in great condition! (hint: search terms like “gilt wood headboard”, “antique french headboard” and “Louis style headboard”)

5. – can I just tell you, I was so not a believer in good bedding until I got a single set of I actually get excited when I put them on the bed and Andrew will say when he slips into bed “ooohhh, are our nice sheets on?” A luxury yes, but one that really makes a difference!

6. Faux fur throw (Oliver approved, we’ve had this one on our couch forever and it’s his favorite thing in the whole world. Other than squirrels.)

7. A yummy French candle to set the mood.

8. A .  You can find great ones on Etsy and Ebay too if you use the search terms “antique/vintage Oushak” and even “overdye rugs”.


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