Holidays & EntertainingOctober 11, 2012

Setting the Table with Zara Home

I know every blogger and her mother posted about the new launch yesterday and I hate to be redundant, but I had to post about the one section of the site I love- the tableware!  I really love all the gold accents offered as well as the mix of traditional and modern styles.  As I started playing around with the offerings I got an image of one of my favorite dining rooms in my head. Something about scenic wallpaper makes me weak int he knees….

So here’s a fun table setting based on this traditional look, all from the new ! (I need those horse glasses for my bar!) No need to wallpaper when you can get a hint of the look through (and I was tempted to throw in some too….)  A perfect looks for a less expected looking Thanksgiving table, no?

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I’d do a centerpiece like these….

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