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And So It Begins…

The panic that comes with a new home purchase has set in at Casa Gates. And it’s a bit more intense than any previous home purchases because of two factors 1) this will be the first time I renovate anything for myself and 2) I’m leaving the city for the burbs in less than one month. Reason 1 is much, much more prominent as I am not entirely brokenhearted about where we are moving to.  But trying to plan a renovation (with the tireless work of my dad) is daunting, scary and really, really stressful.  And I do this for a living! But when it’s your space and your money it’s a whole other ball game. And I have to say as much as being a professional in the design field is a bonus, it also can be a huge hindrance too.  Seeing so many options day in and day out in my work has left me COMPLETELY unable to make decisions. Like, picking a single paint color has left me a bumbling idiot.  Looking at floor plans and seeing how much work has to be done while we are living there renders me nearly to tears. Was this a bad purchase? Will we be able to make money when we sell it? Will I be able to afford the work? What wallpaper do I want in my powder room??? A billion questions run through my head daily and cause my blood pressure to rise.  So I thought I’d make a little board of the things I know I do want and love for sure as a jumping off point, much like I do for a client.  This made me realize I really DO need to treat myself as a client- developing boards, options and taking the time to really work through my ideas to come up with the best concept.  So here’s a few things to get me started…. and so far, I’m my biggest pain in the ass client to date. :)

1). I know I have to have the in my kitchen. I want the two tone ones accented with brass, Andrew hates brass. I want to do brushed brass hardware in the kitchen to match, Andrew would rather poke his eyes out. This is causing some strife.

2) I am 99% sure I am going to do light to medium grey lower cabinets and white upper cabinets with Carrara counters and white subway with grey grout as a backsplash. Now finding cabinets I can afford is the next step.

3) As much as my navy sofa photographs well and is cozy in the winter, it’s going to go in our basement den. We need a sectional to be comfortable while watching TV, it’s a truth that I just have come to accept. Having one like Sheryl Crow’s would be awesome.  .

4) I have to reupholster a chair like this. Have to.

5) BRASS! Ha, ha, ha Andrew!  The will be glass and brass, end of story. (I sense this might end up going the way of the Great Lucite Fight of 2009 in which I stormed out of a restaurant (slightly inebriated) when Andrew said no lucite would ever come into our home. Cut to now and my lucite entry table. I win.)

6) Already bought the for the living room. This house is SMALL, so I want it to be very serene and only shades of grey, white, black, natural wood and lots of texture.

7) LOOOOOOVE this for a bedroom or hall.

8) The dining room really is suited for a round table as it’s square, but I’ve always wanted a modern farm table like the Crate & Barrel one here. With all the marble in the kitchen  it would soften it up. We shall see.

9) In the sunroom I WILL use somewhere!

10) I have loved these forever and would love them for the guest room.

11) wallpaper might be the winner for the tiny powder room. But worried it might be dizzying.

12) Still love the wall color I chose for my current bedroom Behr’s Elephant Skin, and think I want to stay with the rich grey and linen palette for this bedroom.

13) for the master since we both are avid readers and it would be so much nicer than table lamps.

14) Speaking of bedside tables, I really really love .

Thoughts? Similar experiences? Talk me off this cliff, people.

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