Life & FamilyApril 11, 2012

Sponsor Welcome: Spreedia + New Brahmin Access

I think I am pretty darn confident when I say you guys like to shop.  And knowing that a lot of you are New England based, I know you are going to like this new sponsor as much as I do. is a members-only shopping card that gets you discounts at some of your favorite local small businesses and boutiques along with special deals exclusive to cardholders.  Show your card when you buy anything at participating retailers (t) and get 10% off your purchase. Supporting small local businesses AND getting a deal? A winnig combination in my book!

S+NB Access was founded by two of Boston’s fashion elite- Liana Krupp of (awesome fashion blog) and Amanda Knorr of (a guide to Boston/Cambridge boutiques).  These two know everything there is to know about local boutique shopping and are a trusted source for all things fashion.

to find out more and order your own card!

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