FashionDecember 29, 2011

Room to Outfit (and a little annoucement)

As most of you know, I have a thing for leopard. And by thing I mean a full blown obsession bordering on addiction that might require a 12 step program. Considering about 50% of my Xmas gifts were of this variety, I think most people are aware of this. So of course I could not resist posting this bananas image from Pinterest. Kelly green and an obscene amount of leopard makes for one happy Erin! Of course I immediately wanted to translate this into an outfit….

And here is my translation…. taking a cue from the Jackie O snapshot on the bulletin board I went for a ladylike ensemble.  And speaking of ladylike ensembles, my blog is about to get a new one! We’ll be down tomorrow in order to spruce this joint up a little (i.e. make it a littel cleaner, simpler and easier to use).

Room to outfit

by featuring

£6.90 –

$209 –

$237 –

£375 –