Design TipsAugust 2, 2011

Still Hip: Moroccan Patterns

I was asked the other day if sunburst mirrors were still “in”.  I am of the school of thought that if something works and you LOVE it it’s always “in”!  There are certain shapes, patterns and decor items that may be white hot at a certain time but that does not necessarily mean they are trendy and will be “out” later.  Some classics are born that way (the sunburst mirror being one of them…ikat is another good example).  One of the most prevalent modern patterns right now is Moroccan influences geometry.  I think this pattern is now pretty classic and is something those with modern and traditional tastes enjoy.  Here are some examples of great items available:

These iPhone and iPad covers from are so fabulous (check out the other patterns on their site too).

How amazing are this changing table and crib from ???

We just spec’d drapes made out of Windsor Smith Riad fabric and I am quite enamored with the look (FYI, this was paired with a very traditional Persian style rug and decor and it really made the room look fresh!)

I cannot WAIT for new rugs to come out this month…especially this one!

These mirrors from would look great in a series on a wall.

Pillows from

Tile form

and this one from which I used in a kitchen (below) and LOVED!

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