FashionAugust 12, 2011

Fashion Friday: French Girls Just Do It Better

I think I have blogged about before, but after perusing the fashion label’s blog for an hour I had to post some more because I am so inspired by the images on there.  I want to dress, live, work and be more French!  The laid back, feminine style is just so effortless looking. Never too trendy or overdone. It’s exactly how I want my home and my closet to be! Can I make a new resolution in August? I shall.

I only wish I could read French and know what she was writing about! Did I mention that the woman behind this brand (and the lens) is like, the most adorable thing ever? Just look!

And her clothing/bags and lifestyle shoots for her brand are FABOOSH. (yes, I’m bringing “faboosh” back).

Her new office! Are you kidding me with those herringbone floors and moulding??? Ahhhhh, love it!!!

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