InspirationJuly 26, 2011

Mi Amor: Grupo Habita Hotels

I came upon the amazing hotels through one of my fave blogs .  I have not seen such a stylish selection of hotels in a long time- all with their own distinct personality! I have never been to Mexico, but now I am dying to go.

is my numero uno! The pink, sun drenched white and light wood make for one AWESOME palette!

is a close second in Veracruz…. such a  different, more vintage feel.

in Playa del Carmen looks like the perfect place to lounge by the pool…how much do you love the lettering on the bottom of the pool?

The city based – that TURQUOISE!

Also in the city is – adore the stone work (but not sure I’d want people in the bar being able to see me underwater in the pool!)

Mrs. Lilien’s fave (I just like saying the name!)

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