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Gift Guide: For Guys

Guys can either be really easy to buy for or really hard. I have lots to buy for- husband, three brothers and the most impossible fella to buy for, my Dad-the Bermuda Triangle of gift giving (a straight, male designer who likes watching football and antiquing in equal measure…and has everything to boot).  Here are some idea to help you find something good (or at least funny) for those dear men in our lives.

Guys and their gadgets…dress up that iPad of his with this tough but chic


If he likes a cocktail or three, this is tough but lovely to look at- pair it with a nice bottle of his favorite spirits, like (I’m told it’s the best)


Or perhaps your guy is more of a wine drinker, but wants to fit in with his beer guzzling friends? How about this ““?

Picture 2

I blogged about these before, but I still ADORE them. crafts breifcases/messenger bags of suiting fabric and recycled leathers that you can buy ready made or custom make yourself!


I personally think everyone should read Jon Krakauer’s book about Pat Tillman, but particularly men.  It’s an incredible story and every guy I know I’ve told to read it has loved it.

Picture 12

These pencils with quotes from and are so perfect for my husband…and probably yours too. I don;t KNOW a guy who doesn’t like Will Ferrell or shoots a “that’s what she said” every now and again. Awesome stocking stuffer!


Another great stocking stuffer that really is for you but helps him immensely are these So you won’t end up faking a smile when you open an Xbox on Christmas morning (this happened to me).


Every guy needs a great blazer or two- I love this classic two button navy one from – paired with jeans and a dress shirt it’s perfection.

Picture 3

I keep trying to get my husband to wear a scarf. I managed to get him into cardigans this year (HUGE success) but the scarf is proving to be a tougher nut to crack. I love these plaid cashmere ones fromwith adorable names. And just for inspiration- here’s Jake in a scarf. See! So cute!

Picture 7

This cracked me up- a made with some super silver lining that renders cell phones unable to receive calls or texts. So perfect for the guy who never gets off his phone.

Picture 8

Theseare made from the parquet floors of either the Boston Garden or Madison Square GArden- a fun little thing to add to a guy’s bar.

Picture 9

If he works out in ratty old shirts, treat him to an upgrade with this cool looking, more high tech so he can focus on getting that six pack for YOU. (And maybe convince him to try yoga- tell him Tom Brady does it.)

Picture 10
Picture 11

And this last little gift is just too perfect- a to cut pizza with manly gusto. Hilarious.


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