FashionSeptember 8, 2010

My Fall Five

It’s officially time to start fall shopping even though it’s still quite toasty.  I adore fall clothes, more so than any other season, so narrowing it down to five items was a little difficult.   I’m again trying to stick to my “buy less, buy better” mantra, but I also can’t pass up a well made item at a killer price.  I want my fall look to be comfortable, cozy, classic with a touch of edginess and artsiness. I’m thinking lots of layers, big sweaters with skinny pants and boots, faux fur, rich colors like deep dark green and navy and buttery leathers and animal prints.

1) Faux Fur Vest- This is a tricky buy because a faux fur vest can go SO wrong SO fast and before you know it you look like Bigfoot or worse, Alf. If it looks too fake, too small or too big it’s tragic. I am hoping this year I can finally pull the trigger on one.  I am still  curious about the Rachel Zoe for QVC (that collar scares me)…. but popped over jeans, a sweater and paired with boots or heels and some big “sunnies” you are all set to go!

and (which looks like a nice fit)

Picture 3
Picture 2

2) Tall Boots- to go over the knee or not is the question. I think it’ll be a game time decision. But more boots in leather, suede, browns, blacks and grays are all on my wish list. Here are a few pairs that intrigue me!

killed it with these- will they fit my skinny calves though?

Picture 5

Hunter now has so many chic styles- I am digging the to keep my feet dry in testy New England weather

Picture 27

always does it right

Picture 28

I always am looking for good tall high heeled black boots for narrow calves- .

Picture 29

3) LEOPARD EVERYTHING!!! I’ve been on the leopard train for a looooooong time. I love it in homes, on people, on accessories. I’m so glad it’s back (not that it ever rotated out of MY closet!) Some things I love:, , that I would gladly make a deal with Satan for, , my .

Picture 6
Picture 7

Picture 8
Picture 24

Picture 30

4) Long, cozy sweaters like this this to die for an affordable braided collar long and , awesome from AT Loft and this dolman sleeve

Picture 15
Picture 18
Picture 19

Picture 21
Picture 23
Picture 20

5) Coats-A feminine trench/peacoat hybrid by ,  by J.Crew,classic black trench from (I tried this on and was nearly brought to tears it fit so exquisitely) and I’m a little bit obsessed with this.

Picture 9
Picture 10

Picture 13
Picture 14

…aaaaaaand some extras also on my list:

– a slouchy but ladylike bag- loving this (put tassels on anything and I’m a goner i.e. I might also need thistoo!)

Picture 11
Picture 26

– more stripes, like these adorable striped sweater dresses from and

Picture 17
Picture 22

– this . Obsessed.

Picture 25

What’s on your fall wish list?

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