Holidays & EntertainingJune 28, 2010

Setting A Bold Table

When I saw I did cartwheels.


Not only am I obsessed with the pink/coral/turquoise color combo but he used a set of  french opaline glasses I have a collection of! I am completely enamored with my turquoise beauties, so much so that I have NEVER ONCE USED THEM. I stare at them and show them to my friends but put wine in them? Noooooo sir! I broke one last year and I was so upset I wanted to have a funeral for it and bury the pieces in the back yard while wearing black.  It was a challenge to use Eddie’s fabulous approach to tablescaping but I tried:

This would be a fantastic paired with modern lucite Chiavari chairs!

Picture 10
Picture 17

These would serve well as a contrast in pattern yet coordinate in color scheme.  Underneath place gold bead edge chargers from Target.

Picture 14
Picture 15

Some and clear would add more punch, as would and these from eBay.

Picture 16
Picture 18
Picture 18
Picture 19

Some magenta napkins, lucite napkins rings and peony bouquets to top it off!

Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22

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