FashionJune 11, 2010

Fashion Friday: Inspired by Ava?

When I saw these pics of Reese Withersoon’s daughter Ava visiting her on the set of “Water For Elephants” I thought two (make that THREE) things: 1) I am so f*&#ing jealous she gets to see Rob in the flesh 2) her outfit is BEYOND adorable and I want it 3) I am clearly mentally unstable for thinking both 1 and 2.

Can a grown woman of 30 (almost 31) be inspired by a little kid? You betcha! It reminds me of when I was in Paris and there were 4 year olds that left me wondering “ooohh, I wonder where she got those shoes!” Ridiculous, but true. See for yourself:


Weekend Rodeo

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, $40
, $86
, $298
, $115
, $64
, $48
, $95
, 85 GBP

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