InteriorsMay 17, 2010

New Place Update

I am so excited to make my first purchase this week from ! I am using 25,000 points to get a Pottery Barn gift card for $250 so I can get  gorgeous long white cotton drapes for my master bedroom. I’ll be installing them on ceiling tracks to give the room serious drama and a spa-like ethereal feel.  This weekend I made an attempt at painting the wall behind the bed black- bought the paint, Martha Stewart’s Florence from Home Depot, a pretty deep, deep charcoal- but never got to painting it. I will by the end of the week!  I did however, get to IKEA and bought this GINORMOUS print of the Eiffel Tower to hang on a large blank wall next to the bed! It’s like waking up in Paris every morning (and last night I got in bed early and watched “Paris” and “Amelie” and relished in all things Parisian!)


Where the drapes will go:


The drapes I selected- affordable thick cotton from Pottery Barn:


I also hung my gallery wall this weekend and think it loks pretty good for having eyeballed it and having no plan beforehand!


Fresh peonies from the market on the table make me deliriously happy…


My bar completed:


Oliver wanted to say hello as well…


Another vignette from the house:


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