Holidays & EntertainingDecember 3, 2009

Gift Guide: For Kids

No idea what to get the kids in your life for the holidays? I hope this little list of suggestions helps you find something you may not have thought of!

For kids toys that don’t look cheap and plastic-y turn to MOMA’s for things like these gorgeous , , and :

Picture 15
Picture 18

Picture 19
Picture 20

For the chic new mom and baby, is anything but juvenile.

Picture 6

Got a Barbie girl on your list? Jonathan Adler came out with his OWN (complete with retro-cool cool accessories) and a that makes me wish it were my size!

Picture 22
Picture 21

Believe it or not, I actually have this . My mom got it for me for my 30th birthday (long story). Anyways, it’s a great way to teach kids how to take care of a pet and the tank comes in a variety of fun colors for a boy or girl. I named mine Monday and Thursday because that’s when they need to be fed, otherwise I’d forget. I’m going to be a terrible mom….

Picture 23
For the tough to buy for tween girl, a gift certificate to allows her to design her own garment online-from dresses to headbands and winter hats! I would have LOVED this as a kid instead of just puffy painting everything in sight.

Picture 24
The looks like SO much fun- even for me!

Picture 25

The Roberta Roller Rabbit are just too cute not to include- even if a kid wouldn’t want to wear them. :)

Picture 26
Picture 27

For the boy who wants to shoot stuff- soften him up with this (and it’s zebra print- bonus!)

Picture 28

Dwell Studio has tons of cute kids things, but these take the cake!

Picture 30
Picture 29

OK, this is super pricey and more for the parent but I couldn’t resist because it is so gorgeous.  Lilipad Studio’s boho-chic is a designer’s dream!

Picture 32

Or how about their ? I die.

Picture 33

What little girls doesn’t want a ?

Picture 34
This is so random, but I know little kids would think it was hilarious and awesome. A , 88 times larger than a normal one, and on a stick. Crazy.

Picture 35

How about this ? Love it!

Picture 43
Picture 42

Loving these adorable Garnet Hill.

Picture 36
Do your kids happen to be of the fuzzy variety like mine? These made me smile!

Picture 38
Picture 37

Want to make Fido’s owners feel special? How about a ? Or how about some with their dog or cat’s photo? Now THAT would be an unexpected gift!

Picture 40
Picture 41

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