House & HomeJuly 7, 2008

Green Thumb

I the summer I love how the lines between indoor living and outdoor living are blurred. In California people live this way year round, but in the east it’s a seasonal delicacy that we hoard as long as we can, sitting outside until it’s dark knowing that in mere months there will be snow again. It takes a lot of work and dedication into creating a great outdoor living space because let’s face it, gardening is not for wimps. Andrew and I have been patting ourselves on the back for getting our hydrangea to bloom–and then we spend the weekend at my parent’s house and realize this is not a feat to be celebrated.
I swear, if my mom gets cut she just might bleed Miracle Grow. The woman could pour bleach on plants and they would thank her and grow higher. I did not inherit this “green gene”, sadly.