Favorite FindsJanuary 31, 2008

Lovely & Amazing

I trekked back up into my quite chilly parents’ barn Tuesday afternoon to photograph all the antique wallpapers I when I first started this blog . The two I show on that post are my ultimate favorites of this insane lot of papers that my dad inherited with the passing of the pattern designer, Louis W. Bowen. I used cuts of the blue one above my bed in frames, as you’ve seen previously, and an exact copy of the green lattice pattern was on the wall of this past winter! See, everything comes back! Here are photos the rest. We are thinking of taking an inventory and selling some of it. My dad is pondering using some in a new commericial project he’s doing (do it, Dad!!) and I’m thinking of just hoarding some until I can figure out just what to do with it!
I googled Mr. Bowen to see if I could find out more about him, other than he obviously did work for Schumacher and Brunschwig & Fils in the 50’s and 60’s, because that is where and when these papers are from. Beyond simple information stating that he owned the Louis W. Bowen Wallpaper company, all I could find was this bio and a mention of his bequest of a piece of modern art to the Met.
Businessman, interior designer, long associated with the Winter Antiques Show. Born in Los Angeles in 1914, he attended UCLA until 1936 when he was hired by Dorothy Hammerstein as her interior design assistant. When Mrs. Hammerstein reopened her business in NYC in 1939, he came to New York as her partner. A World War II Navy veteran, trained as a medical assistant, he was always pleased that his ward was chosen to be shown to Eleanor Roosevelt when she visited wounded servicemen in the South Pacific. He returned from active duty to open his own business, Louis W. Bowen, Inc., to manufacture specialty wall coverings. He operated this business for 40 years while continuing to create interior designs for many clients. He served as Chair of The Winter Antiques Show in 1970-71 and 1976; as co-chair, in 1995; and as a Board member of East Side House Settlement, the Show’s beneficiary, since 1968.

This one above is absolutely STUNNING. I want to frame a very long section of it. Amazing.