Design TipsDecember 31, 2007

New Year, New Start.

Well, here we are, in the last day on 2007. It was a very big year for me: starting this blog, quitting my full time job to pursue my own design career, buying a new home, getting a puppy…I’m tired just thinking about it all.
Looking towards 2008 I have many goals, but one on the tippity top of my list is getting organized. People are usually shocked to find out that I am a bit messy. I guess I come off as the anally neat type. I leave that to my hubby. But I do want my life, and my house, to be more streamlined in 2008. No more piles of shoes at the bottom of the closet. No more papers in piles all over my office. I want a method to my madness- and it must be a very stylish method. So I look to the wonderfully fantastic to help me with this.
My closet would so benefit from one of these (which are on sale right now, 30 percent off!). The closet is shallow and wide, so this would work well. Installing it might be a bit less elegant though. I can forsee some yelling and pouting on my part. I wish my budget allowed for California Closets (my friend Julie works for them, so if you CAN afford that, drop me an e-mail to get in touch with her!)

My office in a whole other ballgame. This closet system below, from Elfa as well, is so what I dream it would look like in there! But for now, while on a budget, I think I may get some of these from West Elm and use them to store all my samples! I already have a rod in there, and this could create a whole new dimension of storage for me for a lot less money.
I also need tons of bins to fill my IKEA cube bookcase. Each with it’s own designated purpose and not a mish mash of iPod cords, fabric samples,stationery and pencils like they are now! I LOVE these woodgrain ones from Container Store. also has fantastic patterns for bins, magazine holders and the like as well!