12 Gift Wrap Combos to Love This Season!

I have an extreme love of wrapping gifts. Every year I come up with a theme and get really into it.  Someday when I’m a billionaire (cuz that’s gonna happen, right?) I’ll have a whole wrapping room. I mean, my first job was wrapping gifts at Christmas for my grandparents department store.  Between that and my design career, I basically have a masters degree in wrapping.

So I thought I’d offer up a bunch of paper, ribbon and tag pairings to maybe spur your inner creative wrapping goddess.   I am a huge fan of using two papers combined to create a cool center band down the middle over which I tie ribbon (like below, which was my wrapping look from 2014).  On smaller boxes I mix up using the two papers, but use the same ribbon, etc.   I’ve been known to sue leftover wallpaper, hand paint or stamp my own paper or tags and get into lots of various creative supplies.

There are so many amazing combos from my favorite sources ( , ,  , ) that it’s hard for me to pick!

1., ,    2. , ,    3. , , ,    4.  , , ,

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Team EGD’s Wishlists!

What I love about my team here in the office is how different everyone is, and so it’s great to share what everyone wants for the holidays because I think it covers a lot of different ground. A little sporty, a little glam, a little preppy, a little adventurous…lots of great ideas. And I swear I did not hold a gun to their heads and make them all pick earrings from my “you guys love these, riiiiiight?” They actually each picked them randomly and all a different pair, which makes me feel good about the wide appeal of the designs!

Click the bold numbers below each collection for links!

 Absurd, but a dream //  I had the original AirMax 95 in…well,’95. They were the best! //  Would love a piece by Emily Morgan Brown for my house // Proof I’m an adult // // //  Winter is coming…//  A case for…// The iPhone X -for the camera alone, honestly // So I can throw out my three different curling irons//

An original Caitlin McGauley// an elegant scent diffuser // // // Al says this smells insane./ // // // // She needs a bigger condo to fit this, so really it’s two gifts :)

// // Kristen’s brother’s company makes these beautiful passport cases // // // // 7. who doesn’t want a Golden puppy?// Away bag for all her many adventures //  Designer fuel // //

 We used these on a shoot and all loved them // // //  Cute return address stamp //  monogrammed, of course! // //  Katie loves this product// // Dream light fixture // //

Jenna Lyons 2.0

Today i thought I’d take a break from all things holiday and talk some decor!

Recently showcased Jenna Lyons new SoHo loft. After having previously (which still looks beautiful and stands the test of time even though it launched 1,000,000 copycat designs, by the way!)  Her new space, designed by the ,  has a similar feel to her old one, and uses a couple items from it too, but overall feels more modern and eclectic I think.

The living room is a palette of icy blue and coral with lots of brass accents. I think I spy the Moroccan rug from her last living room in use (or at least a similar one) and another bold sofa choice in coral velvet.   Also there is a mix of traditional antiques and mid-century styles, which I love.

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2017 Gift Guides: For Home & Hostess

Phew- my last gift guide! These take a ton of time and work and I wanted to be sure to get them up early enough that you had time to actually order stuff! In case you missed any here is FOR HER, FOR HIM, FOR KIDS & PETS and UNDER $75!

  1. are always good to have around for impromptu holiday parties.
  2. is always welcome (for a powder room or desk)
  3. These are only $6 each so gift a set to a stylish hostess.
  4. Pick up ($10) and pop a small grocery store or nursery topiary or orchid in it.
  5. (I realized at Henry’s birthday I do not have a nice one!)
  6. The most luxurious ever.
  7. A cute (pair it with a bottle of wine tied with a ribbon)
  8. I adore my new .
  9. My most favorite, ever.
  10. A pretty set of
  11. A is a nice gift, like these from Joanna Gaines’ new line.
  12. For the hostess who loves to cook,
  13. are HILARIOUS- slap ’em on any bottle!

  1. Monogram for a very special gift.
  2. I have a blue set of and use them all the time on styling jobs.
  3. Great great for bedside.
  4. I bought this for my mom last year. Always gets a laugh.
  5. , naturally.
  6. I just bought these for my mantel and love them!
  7. Pair the holders above with a pretty !
  8. We boughtfor a client and I am OBSESSED. So elegant and perfect for a shelf or top of a console or chest.
  9. A
  10. A tiny piece by artist-of-the-moment
  11. A — always a pleaser!
  12. I loooooooooove
  13. A beautiful
  14. Luxurious
  15. I adore this . Great for someone with a pretty bar.
  16. Did I mention that are back in stock in three colors?
  17. are such a great thing to gift. Make grocery lists pretty!
  18. For the person who admires luxe applique bedding like Leontine Linens, are a tiny fraction of the price ($54 each) but all the style!
  19. A gorgeous, unique
  20. A pretty
  21. A beautiful to dress up a bookshelf.
  22. A hand to pretty up the yard up.
  23. I love how pot came out for my line with Jill Rosenwald.
  24. are great little gifts for anyone.

And since you probably missed my Friday post (because it went up at 9pm!) check out Under $75 and Stocking Stuffers!

Gift Guides 2017: Under $75 & STOCKING STUFFERS

Sorry this is so EPICALLY late. It’s been a crazy week and crazy day and I am just now getting to finish up this guide! A lot fo you asked for gifts under $75 and smaller and so here ya go! There are so many amazing sales right now that you can find lots of great, normally higher priced stuff in this category!

All items, except those noted below, have links by clicking on the images! :)

Items not linked through image: //  (brilliant gift!)//

Also, just a fair warning… I am unnaturally OBSESSED with this whole Meghan Markle/ Prince Harry situation. I love her style and them as a couple so fair warning– I may be pontificating on this whole wedding situation/ her style on here in the near future.